Supported lodgings

What are supported lodgings?

If you’re not ready to foster, think about welcoming a young person through supported lodging.

Supported lodgings is a provision for young people aged 16 or over, where they live in the home of an approved family, individual or couple (also called hosts). This provision protects anyone who is leaving council’s care or is at risk of homelessness.

By welcoming a young person into your home, you can provide emotional support and help them acquire practical life skills that supports them to become independent, confident young adults.  

Unlike foster care, young people are not expected to become a member of the host family but are treated as a member of the household.

Become a supported lodging host

To be a supported lodgings host you will need to:

  • be at least 21 years old. There is no upper age limit for hosts
  • have a spare bedroom in your home
  • be able to provide a safe and stable environment
  • enjoy working with young people
  • understand the difficulties young people face
  • commit time to support young people in developing essential life skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning and laundry, enabling them to live independently
  • offer advice on career choices such as encouraging them to find education, training or work
  • support them in continuing to develop internet safety.
  • help in maintaining and building relationships with family, friends, and neighbours

At the same time as being a host, you can:

  • work full time or part time or retired
  • be in receipt of means tested benefits
  • be single, married, divorced or co-habiting

We’ll offer:

  • financial support (£250 with an additional £20 to be paid to you by the young person)
  • training
  • ongoing guidance and support

The need for Supported Lodgings is significant in Barnet but we cannot always guarantee placements, so it may not be appropriate to rely on income from the provision of accommodation.

Supported lodging assessment process

Following your expression of interest to become a host, a member of our team will visit you and your family at home to discuss the options, process, and whether this is something you want to pursue. 

You complete the application form. You and your partner will be invited to attend our local 3 day skills training course. The course is run by one of our social workers and members of our team. You will also meet young people who have experienced being in care. 

Your supported lodgings host assessment will start either whilst you are completing the training in step two or directly afterwards. 

You will meet with your assessing social worker over an average period of 3 months, and they will get to know you and your family a lot better. We will support you throughout this process.

Once you have completed your assessment, you and your social worker will write a report that goes to the Director of Children Social Care for approval. Once the approval is confirmed you will be a Barnet supported lodgings host. 

Become a supported lodgings host

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